Who We Are


The purpose of the Brisbane Baylands Community Advisory Group is to provide an open forum and community-based input from the communities of Brisbane, Daly City, and San Francisco, and to advise the agencies charged with the remediation actions on the area commonly referred to as the Brisbane Baylands.

The Brisbane Baylands Community Advisory Group (BBCAG) was formed January 24, 2005, in response to an application to the Department of Toxic Substances Control (DTSC). Our first meeting was July 7, 2005. Under the auspices of the DTSC, the BBCAG has investigated and continues to investigate toxic contamination in the Brisbane Baylands. While DTSC has primary responsibility for oversight of the northern portion of the Baylands, the San Francisco Region Water Quality Control Board has primary responsibility for the southern portion. San Mateo County also has regulatory responsibility, and the State Lands Commission and the Bay Conservation and Development Commission have regulatory authority over portions of the Baylands. The BBCAG has engaged in dialogue with all these agencies. The City of Brisbane is preparing an Environmental Impact Report (EIR) on potential development on the Baylands, and the BBCAG has participated in the discussions about the EIR.

The Brisbane Lagoon

Our members have included residents of Brisbane, Daly City, and San Francisco, local businesspersons and representatives of local civic and environmental groups, and representatives of government agencies and officials.

We encourage anyone interested in participating in the BBCAG to apply for membership.